Elysian Hills Jump Derby

Jump Derby at Elysian Hills is the perfect opportunity to give cross country jumping a try.  The Derby course is a combination of stadium jumping and cross country on excellent, well established turf. 

The course, set in a beautiful open field with rolling hills, begins with a stadium course of 5 to 6 jumps.  Riders continue directly to 8 to 10 cross country jumps. The cross country will include water obstacles, ditches and banks appropriate for each level offered and a variety of natural, solid obstacles. Riders will then continue on to the final stadium course of 5 to 6 jumps. 

Riders will flow from stadium directly to cross country and then directly to the final stadium course. 

Riders are placed on lowest number of penalties (4 pts for each rail or refusal) and closest to optimum time without going over.

Levels include:
Introductory (18")
Elementary (2 ft)
Beginner Novice (2 ft 7")
Novice (2 ft 11")
Training (3 ft 3")

We will begin with lowest level (Introductory) and move up to higher levels (Training level will be run last). Riders may "add in" a second round at original level ($25). Riders may also ride at higher level on same horse ($60). 

This is a great way to school your green horse or green rider over cross country and stadium jumps. Very easy going atmosphere. Lot's of fun and a great day of schooling. Perfect activity for Fox Hunters looking for jumps to school in the off season!! Great way to introduce you and your horse to cross country jumping.

*****Please plan to walk your course prior to riding. You must walk the course on foot. Allow approximately 30 minutes to walk your course. Courses can be walked any time the day of the Jump Derby. *****